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DUWorks connects Colorado businesses with student freelancers.

DUWorks is built to empower businesses and students alike, offering a free way to connect, manage, and complete projects.

We financially empower students, helping build professional portfolios and confidence in their crafts.

Businesses can flexibly expand organizational capabilities, stretch budgets and recruit fresh talent by hiring freelancers for projects.

The Mission

DUWorks wants to help businesses and students by making impactful connections between talent hungry businesses and motivated students.




Jacob Goldman

Product Prototyping, 3d Printing And Other Engineering
Online PortfolioView
Weekly Availability1-3 Hours

I am currently at a marketing/communications consulting firm called Joylab, working on a variety of things. For Joylab I do SEO, social media, web edits/design, ideation...

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How can DUWorks help?

For Advancement

DUWorks provides your advancement and development teams the ability to create long-lasting and meaningful connections with alumni-owned and community businesses.

DUWorks is a great tool for showcasing your school’s ability to educate and prepare skilled students, capable of taking on careers previously unimaginable.

For Students

We help financially empower students, helping build professional portfolios and confidence in their crafts.

Indicate your skills, choose work opportunities you like and get to work!

For students, simply fill out a form detailing skills, availability, rates and experience. When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with resources to get started. These resources include templates for invoices, proposals and contracts, as well as resources for mentorship and guidance through DU.

For Business

Flexibly expand your organization’s capabilities, stretch your budget and recruit fresh talent by hiring freelancers for your next project.

Just submit the details of your project and it will automatically match to students with the necessary skills and availability, alerting students of available jobs and sending you a list of applicable freelancers with no signup required.

With a business profile, organizations can advertise to student freelancers, track progress on jobs, and view status of multiple projects at once.

For Campus

Create an on campus economy, helping student organizations, departments and administration quickly and inexpensively connect to needed talent right in their backyards.


  • Colton Bancroft

    DUWorks made it so easy for me to make money on the side and build a professional work portfolio doing digital marketing.

  • Amelia Coomber

    Applying for jobs and trying to work part time during school was so stressful until I started using DUWorks to find freelance gigs.

  • Andrei Parrent

    I was able to connect with so many cool companies and focus on developing skills that would get me hired using DUWorks.